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  • Why this is One Water’s moment and what it will take to deliver a One Water future for all.

    Water is both singular and essential. Yet, for much of recent history it has not been managed as one resource. Instead, it is addressed by a range…

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What is One Water Media?

One Water Media tells deep and meaningful stories about the intersections of the water industry including drinking water, wastewater, storm water and industrial water intersect. By sharing these stories, we aim to elevate the value of water in all its forms. The Scranton Gillette Communications (SGC) Water Group — Water & Wastes Digest (WWD), Industrial Water & Wastes Digest (iWWD), Water Quality Products (WQP) and Storm Water Solutions (SWS) — compose One Water Media. One Water Media delivers content across a variety of platforms, including podcast, video, news, features, columns and more.

The Latest

sws | Article

Climate change could bring wetter conditions to the Midwest, bringing flooding, coastal erosion and damage to infrastructure and private property, while negatively impacting water quality and economic productivity.


June 25, 2020
WWD | Article

This article was originally published as "One Water, Multiple Goals" in the September print edition of WWD.

September 6, 2019
WWD | Article

Utilities around the nation embrace a new kind of innovation

August 5, 2019
WWD | Article
August 23, 2018

In this month’s episode, the hosts highlight a recent DoD memo regarding the burning of PFAS, touch on Build America Buy America, share news regarding grant funding to SRFs and share an interview on flood mitigation

In this month’s episode, the hosts share recent industry news, including the Action Plan on Global Water Security, and an interview on circular economy and trends relating to technologies and framework to discuss water as a global community